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John Lennon December 1971

Title: Ten For Two
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: New York
Filming Date: December 11th 1971
Broadcast Date: April 1st 1989
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 77:10 Minutes (whole special); 14:47 Minutes (John & Yoko performance)
Quality: C (excerpts A-)
Source: "Ten For Two John Sinclair Freedom Rally" (MCP046) (Complete)
Other Sources: "John Lennon 1971 Vol 2" (FFD Productions) (John & Yoko Performance Only)
Notes: A benefit rally & concert to support the cause of the imprisoned John Sinclair (who was swiftly released soon after this concert).
A long concert with lots of performers, mostly unknown with the highlight, apart from John, being Stevie Wonder.
John & Yoko, supported by David Peel`s backing band, finally took the stage at 3am on Dec 11.
They performed excellent "skiffley" acoustic versions of "Attica State", "Luck of The Irish", "Sisters O Sisters" and "John Sinclair".
John & Yoko`s film company "Joko Productions" filmed the entire concert which was directed by Steve Gebhardt.
The Detroit PBS TV station WTVS aired the raw unedited footage of John & Yoko`s set later that month but that was its first and last ever true commercial airing.
The official edited special going under the title of "Ten For Two" was finally edited and completed in early 1973 and eventually made its World premiere at
two theatre screenings in Michigan on April 1 & 2 1989 despite Yoko not wanting to be connected to it anymore hence why it has never come out commercially.
Despite this, excerpts of "Attica State" & "John Sinclair", in pristine master quality, were shown in the 2006 documentary "The U.S. Vs John Lennon" and brief
25 second excerpts of "Luck of The Irish" and "Attica State", in beautiful visual and audio quality, have uploaded onto the Lennon website.
A low quality 54 minute version is available on youtube which is assumed to be the final edited documentary, finished in early 1973.
The film`s director, Steve Gebhardt was also permitted to use clips from the film in his later documentary about John Sinclair "20 to Life" released on DVD in October 2007.