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Paul McCartney July 1990

Title: Birthday
Type: Promo Video
Filming Location: Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia, & Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro,USA
Filming Date: July 14th & 15th 1990
Broadcast Date: October 1990
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 02:47 Minutes
Quality: A
Source: "The McCartney Years" (DVD 2007)
Other Sources: "Paul McCartney Complete Promo Clip Collection Vol 1" (Misterclaudel)
Notes: "Birthday" was issued as a single from his live album "Tripping The Live Fantastic" on October 8th 1990.
The live footage used in the promo video was filmed at three different concerts (2 Philadelphia shows and one at Foxboro).
The Foxboro filming was done with a specially invited audience for use in the "Get Back" film.
Two promos were actually made.
One featuring "party" scenes using actors with some live concert footage mixed in and another promo that only features the live footage.
The "party" promo is around 20 seconds longer due to some non-concert footage at the beginning.
The audio used in both promos comes from Paul`s Knebworth concert.
The "party" promo was officially issued on "The McCartney Years" DVD although it is cropped.
Additional information courtesy Mike Carrera.