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The Beatles February 1964

Title: "What's Happening! The Beatles in The U.S.A." - Murray The K Visits Their Hotel Room
Type: TV Documentary
Filming Location: Plaza Hotel, New York, USA
Filming Date: February 9th 1964
Broadcast Date: February 12th 1964 (UK); November 13th 1964 (US)
Country Of Broadcast: USA/UK
Duration: 10:21 Minutes
Quality: B
Source: "What's Happening! The Beatles in The U.S.A." (FAB Productions 2018)
Other Sources: "The Beatles Turn Left At Greenland DVD 3" (Darthdisc)
Notes: The American documentary makers - The Maysles Brothers, were given exclusive access to almost every minute of The Beatles first American visit.
Between filming of the first two appearances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" they retreated back to the hotel rooms where DJ, Murray The K visited them for interviews and some dinner.
The Maysles brothers had their cameras rolling for the entire time.
Quite a bit of film footage shot by The Maysles brothers ended up in the two 1964 documentaries and further outtakes in the DVD bonus feature "The Making of..".
Over 10 minutes was exclusively featured in the 1964 UK doco "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! The Beatles in New York".