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Ringo Starr January 1995

Title: Recording Real Love & Now & Then
Type: Home Movies
Filming Location: Hog Hill Studios, Sussex, England
Filming Date: January 30th - February 3rd 1995
Broadcast Date: November 1995 & November 2023
Country Of Broadcast: USA/UK
Duration: 04:52 Minutes (All Footage Compile)
Quality: A-
Source: "The Beatles Anthology" (DVD)
Other Sources: "Paul & Ringo Two Of Us Standing Solo Vol 41" (BedHead Productions)
Notes: The Threetles re-grouped in early 1995 to record the second reunion single "Real Love" at Paul`s Sussex studio.
About a minute of home movie footage taken by all three Fabs was used in the official promo video of "Real Love".
Then in 2023 Paul announced they had completed the third "reunion" song - "Now and Then" which had also been partially recorded at these early 1995 sessions after they had completed "Real Love".
In early November 2023 the "Now and Then" single was released. Two days before it's Worldwide release a "making of" 12 minute mini-doc was released on the internet. This featured further outtake footage.
Following this, the day after the single's release, an official promo video was uploaded across the internet and this contained more footage from the "Now and Then" recording session.
A fan then combined all the "Real Love" and "Now and Then" session film which now came to a total of 4:52 mins worth of footage.