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Paul McCartney November 1993

Title: Paul McCartney - The New World Tour Xmas Special
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Tokyo Dome, Japan
Filming Date: November 14th & 15th 1993
Broadcast Date: December 24th 1993
Country Of Broadcast: Japan
Duration: 93:07 Minutes (with Interview); 89:38 (with No Interview)
Quality: B-
Source: "Paul McCartney - The New World Tour: Live in Japan (Nov 1993)"" (FFD Productions) (For version with interview)
Other Sources:
Notes: Paul`s soundchecks and concerts at the Tokyo Dome on November 14 & 15 were filmed for a exclusive Japanese TV special
called "Paul McCartney - The New World Tour Xmas Special" which was broadcast at midnight on Christmas eve on Fuji TV.
This broadcast is also known as "JOCX Midnight Christmas Special".
This TV special also has an exclusive interview (filmed Nov 11) scattered throughout the program. The length of this version is 93:07 Mins.
This special was re-edited and shown on other networks.
This second version removed the interview and added some other soundcheck and concert songs and runs 89:38 minutes.
This non interview version was broadcast on the "Wowow" satellite TV channel and also on the "JO345 BS HDTV" network.
There is a longer version on Youtube (1:53:06) but this is a mash-up taken from the two other versions and some from the Brazilian broadcast (see below).
Now to make things even more confusing, the complete Tokyo raw concert footage
(including some different camera edits) was made available to TV networks in Mexico and South America.
These networks then filmed footage at their own concerts in Mexico City (Mexico), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina)
and Santiago (Chile) particularly of Paul arriving at their airports, Paul saying hi to the city and waving the country`s flag during the concert plus lots of crowd footage.
This unique footage was then inserted around the Japanese concert footage,
removing any obvious evidence that it was filmed in Japan and now giving the impression it was filmed in their own country.
These specials all contained the same 20 songs (bar Chile who added one more) however the Japanese TV special and the South American TV specials
have songs unique to their own broadcasts with "Let Me Roll it" and "Biker Like an Icon" unique to the Japan TV specials and the South American specials have a further 13 unique songs.
The South American specials were also screened in full colour whereas the Japanese specials had parts shown in black and white.
In addition to these changes the Brazilian special also included an exclusive interview filmed earlier that day at the venue in
Sao Paulo and the Chilean special included the "Paul McCartney - La Entrevista" Mexican interview filmed on Nov 25 plus "C`mon People" from the actual Santiago concert.