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Paul McCartney August 1988

Title: The Fame Game / Echoes
Type: TV Special/ DVD Documentary
Filming Location: Liverpool Institute, Liverpool, England
Filming Date: August 2nd 1988
Broadcast Date: June 8, 1996 ("The Fame Game"); Nov 15, 2004 ("Echoes")
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 30:00 ("The Fame Game"); 27:16 Minutes ("Echoes")
Quality: A-
Source: "Echoes" (Bonus Feature on EMI Classics "Liverpool Oratorio") (DVD 2004)
Other Sources: "Paul McCartney LIPA Special" (The Fame Game) (IAPO & IAPO)
Notes: Paul travelled up to Liverpool and visited the partially derelict Liverpool Institute to see firsthand what would have to be done to restore it.
A BBC documentary was put together in 1996 about the evolution of turning it into the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.
Included in this documentary, called "The Fame Game", was footage filmed on this day back in 1988 of Paul`s visit.
It also included portions of Paul performing an original song called "In Liverpool" live on the stage in the institute.
Further footage and the complete performance of "In Liverpool" was featured in another documentary about LIPA
called "Echoes" which was released as a bonus feature on the DVD re-issue of Paul`s "Liverpool Oratorio" in 2004.