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Paul McCartney February 1981

Title: Tug Of War/Pipes Of Peace Recording Sessions
Type: Home Movies
Filming Location: Air Studios, Montserrat
Filming Date: February 1st-19th 1981
Broadcast Date: October 2015
Country Of Broadcast: UK
Duration: 03:00 Minutes
Quality: A
Source: "Paul McCartney Archives Collection Pipes of Peace Deluxe" (DVD 2015)
Other Source:
Notes: Paul began recording his latest album "Tug of War" and parts of his following album "Pipes of Peace" at
George Martin`s Air Studios on the Caribbean island of Montserrat near the town of Salem (arriving on Feb 1).
Paul enlisted a number of well known musicians to help him out including Ringo, Stevie Wonder and Carl Perkins who all flew to the island during February.
Ringo arrived on Feb 15, Carl Perkins on Feb 21 and Stevie Wonder on Feb 26.
Throughout the sessions Paul and Linda took quite a bit of home movie footage which stayed within the MPL vaults until 2015 when Paul issued the deluxe editions of these albums.
As part of a DVD included with the box set edition of "Pipes of Peace" there is a short 3 minute edit of home movie footage
filmed at the rented McCartney residence in Montserrat under the title "Hey Hey in Montserrat".
Seen in this footage (Paul was doing the filming) are Ringo & Barbara, Linda McCartney & children, Denny Laine as well as Steve Gadd and George Martin.
I believe the footage of Ringo & Barbara was actually taken on the day they were leaving to return to Los Angeles (Feb 19).