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John Lennon December 1971

Title: Attica Prison Benefit Concert
Type: Home Movie
Filming Location: Apollo Theatre, New York
Filming Date: December 17th 1971
Broadcast Date: December 1971
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 10:31 Minutes ("Imagine"- 3:32; "Sisters O Sisters" - 3:55; "Attica State" - 3:04)
Quality: A- ("Imagine" & "Sisters"); B- ("Attica State")
Source: "Imagine: John Lennon" (DVD Bonus 2005 Imagine)
Other Sources: "John Lennon Life Begins At 40 Vol 2" (Attica State & Sisters O Sisters)
Notes: Another day, another benefit concert. This one was for the families of the 43 men killed in a riot at Attica State Prison in September 1971.
The concert was held at the famous Apollo Theatre in New York. John & Yoko performed "Attica State", "Sisters O Sisters"
and "Imagine" with an acoustic only line-up that featured two other guitarists plus Jerry Rubin on percussion.
French Journalist, Jean-Francois Vallee filmed the event with a 16mm colour camera. John`s performance of "Imagine" was included in full as a bonus on
the DVD of "Imagine: John Lennon" in Dec 2005 and Yoko uploaded her performance of "Sisters O Sisters" onto Youtube in March 2011.
A reasonable black and white quality copy of "Attica State" is available on bootleg DVD. The entire 3 song performance, in black and white, is in the hands of some collectors in good quality.