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John Lennon November 1971

Title: The Irish Tapes
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Bank St, New York
Filming Date: November 12th 1971
Broadcast Date: November 12th 1971
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 17:30 Minutes
Quality: D+
Source: "John Lennon Holy Grails, Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol 1" (HMC) (Reconstructed 22 mins)
Other Sources: "John Lennon Radical" (MCP)
Notes: Another odd bit of film. John was approached by a local New York film maker who was putting together a film project reportedly called "The Irish Tapes".
John promptly wrote a new song to perform for the black and white video camera. So we get to see John rehearsing the song "Luck of The Irish" with Yoko while sitting on their bed.
The quality of this uniquely fascinating film is unfortunately very bad having been recorded on an ancient video recorder with assumingly average camera equipment with little if no lighting.
The film itself has the onscreen title of "Luck of The Irish" so it`s not 100% what the official title of this film project actually is.
In March 2020 the official John Lennon Youtube channel uploaded footage of one of the complete takes of the song taken from this film.
The reason behind them uploading this clip is unknown as the song isn`t available on any recent compilation that they would want to promote.
The quality of the footage is slightly better than what has been bootlegged.