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John Lennon October 1971

Title: Carousel - "This Is Not Here" Exhibition
Type: TV Show
Filming Location: Everson Museum & Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse, New York
Filming Date: October 9th 1971
Broadcast Date: October 1971?
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 57:00 Minutes
Quality: C
Other Sources:
Notes: WCNY-TV aired a program called Carousel, a program that did stories on recent art events in the state of New York.
The program begins with still shots from the John & Yoko press conference followed by scenes of John & Yoko touring the exhibition with a group of press people behind them.
The whole program includes several inserts of an interview with John, Yoko and James Harithas amongst the show`s visitors.
In the first clip John welcomes the TV viewers: "Hello and welcome to the Everson Museum and welcome to Yoko Ono`s art show This Is Not Here". Yoko says her intent is a "quiet revolution".
At the end of the clip you can hear John saying: "Please don`t break the pieces brothers". There are also long scenes of the show visitors walking through the exhibition rooms interacting with the artworks.
The program also includes a scene of John, Yoko, Ringo Starr, Maureen (Ringo`s wife), Phil Spector and others having fun in an exhibition room where a white bed is installed.
Phil Spector is having a hard time lifting up a very heavy guitar from the floor. In the end John places the guitar right in the middle of the bed.
Nice shots of Ringo with a drink in his hand while looking into the camera. There is an interview with Alexander Holstein (President of Everson`s Board of Trustees) at the end of the program.
The TV Director was William Urwood and the Producer was Ted Wennheimer. It was filmed on a ½ inch open reel video in black and white.