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John Lennon September 1971

Title: "Imagine" Filming - Battery Park, Staten Island & South Ferry Beach, Staten Island New York
Type: Home Movie
Filming Location: Battery Park, New York
Filming Date: September 12th 1971
Broadcast Date: December 1972
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 07:17 Minutes
Quality: A-
Source: "Imagine" (1972)
Other Sources: "John Lennon Remastered Archives 1971 Vol 4" (FAB Productions)
Notes: The final "Imagine" filming occurred today back at New York`s Battery Park where more "Whisper Pieces" were filmed (damn they loved this skit).
Following this they took a ferry to Staten Island, filming themselves poignantly looking at the twin towers and "saluting" the Statue of Liberty on the way.
Once on Staten Island they made their way down to South Beach were a lot more filming was done sitting on a bench looking out to sea, playing in the surf,
barely writing their names etc in the sand, running towards each other and finally kissing and walking out along a stone pier which concluded the "Imagine" TV special as the credits rolled.

Battery Park Whispering & Waltzing

Staten Island Ferry, On The Ferry Looking At The Statue Of Liberty

South Beach, "Gimme Some Truth": 2:20
Sitting On A Bench

Playing On The Beach

Walking Out Along A Pier

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