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John Lennon June 1971

Title: "The Tee Pee Video Space Troupe - The Early Years"
Type: Avante-Garde Film
Filming Location: Allen Klien`s House, Riverdale, New York, USA
Filming Date: June 12th 1971
Broadcast Date: June 1971
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 15:52 Minutes (Entire Party Footage; approx 5 mins Y&J Footage)
Quality: B
Source: "The Tee Pee Video Space Troupe - The Early Years" (DVD mid 2000`s)
Other Sources: "John Lennon The Lennon Years Vol 2" (BA Productions)
Notes: Shirley Clarke was another friend of Yoko and Jonas` and came along to the Klein`s party with film camera in hand.
Her footage of the party (approx 5 mins) was filmed in black and white but with sound and was eventually made available as part of her 3 part film "The Tee Pee Video Space Troupe - The Early Years".
John & Yoko`s footage forms part one of her film and runs approx. 5 mins.
It is not known if any of the film was ever shown publicly before the mid 2000`s when it began to be shown at avant-garde film festivals and subsequently put onto commercial DVD.