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John Lennon May 1971

Title: "Imagine" Filming - "Oh My Love" Session
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England
Filming Date: May 28th 1971
Broadcast Date: December 1972; October 1988
Country Of Broadcast: UK/USA
Duration: 90:00 Minutes (approx total of all of today`s footage)
Quality: A- (official footage); D (raw footage)
Source: "Above Us Only Sky" (DVD 2018)
Other Sources: "Gimme Some Truth" (DVD 2018)
Notes: The next day was another busy one. Starting off with a portrait session for potential use as the album cover of "Imagine"
which was ultimately not used. Next was the taping of an interview for the BBC radio show "Woman`s Hour".
Both of these activities were filmed with the radio interview first turning up in the 1988 documentary "Imagine: John Lennon" and the portrait session being first seen in the 1972 TV special "Imagine".
Footage from both has subsequently been used in a number of official documentaries. In the late afternoon the musos all arrived, including once again,
George Harrison and footage was filmed of them having a meal in the kitchen (including the infamous "Beatle Ed" scene).
This footage was first seen in the 1988 "Imagine: John Lennon" film and many times since. Then it was time for recording in the studio with work done on "Oh My Love",
with a lot of the raw footage being made available on bootleg DVD as well as 6 or so minutes worth showing up in the official docos "Gimme Some Truth" (2000) and "Above Us Only Sky" (2018).
After the musos went home John then recorded his vocal for the song "Gimme Some Truth" which was filmed and used in the 1972 special "Imagine" with much more shown in the 2000 doco "Gimme Some Truth".
Also from that night`s session was footage of John speaking in a French accent and playing some familiar chords on the piano that became the song "Mind Games" in 1973.

Unused Album Cover Portrait Photo Session
"Imagine" (1972): 2:04
"Gimme Some Truth" (2000): 0:21
"Above Us Only Sky" (2018): 0:11

"Beatle Ed" Kitchen Scene
"Imagine: John Lennon" (1988): 0:45
"Gimme Some Truth" (2000): 1:16

George at Kitchen table
"Above Us Only Sky" (2018): 0:37

Recording Session For "Oh My Love"
Raw Footage of recording sessions for "Oh My Love" - "Holy Grails,Upgrades & Reconstructions Vol 5" (41:44)
"Gimme Some Truth" (2000): 4:25
"Above Us Only Sky" (2018): 2:19

Speaking French & playing bit of "Mind Games"
"Above Us Only Sky" (2018): 0:51

Recording Vocal For "Gimme Some Truth"
"Imagine" (1972): 1:03
"Gimme Some Truth" (2000): 4:14
"Above Us Only Sky" (2018): 0:43

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