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John Lennon May 1971

Title: "Imagine"
Type: TV Special
Filming Location: Tittenhurst Park, Ascot, England
Filming Date: May 26th 1971 - September 12th 1971
Broadcast Date: December 23rd 1972
Country Of Broadcast: USA
Duration: 71:34 Minutes
Quality: A-
Source: "John Lennon Imagine" (DVD 2018)
Other Sources:
Notes: This day marked the beginning of filming for John & Yoko`s TV Special called "Imagine" which was eventually broadcast on American TV in December 1972.
The footage used in this special was filmed over a period of four months (May - Sept 1971) in England and New York.
Seeing as this special was probably conceived to accompany the US release of the LP "Imagine" in October 1971
it`s non-appearance is very strange especially as it took over a year before it was broadcast, hardly helping to promote the LP at all.
Also strange is that they only filmed the recording of backing tracks for 3 songs ("Imagine", "How Do You Sleep" and "Oh My Love")
and 4 vocal sessions ("Gimme Some Truth", "Jealous Guy", "How" & "Oh Yoko"), thus leaving 3 songs without
any footage at all which can be partially explained because the camera crew only arrived 3 days after sessions began.
Thankfully on that first day of filming George Harrison was in attendance.
Footage from all the hundreds of hours of footage has been used in four official documentaries so far:
"Imagine" (original special from 1972); "Imagine: John Lennon" (1988); "Gimme Some Truth" (2000) and "Above Us Only Sky" (2018).
The original special was commercially released on VHS Video and Laserdisc in 1986 as "Imagine - The Film" in a 60 minute edited version.
In October 2018 it was fully restored & remastered and released on DVD and Blu Ray in its original full length.
Every separate piece of film for this special has its own entry as does anything unique from the other 3 documentaries.
The original 1972 special is available on bootleg DVD from a early TV broadcast as is a copy taken from the VHS release.